Solution Benefits

Streamline operations and increase business insight
The best-performing organizations run integrated enterprise resource planning system which treat the entity as a cohesive whole. Data is seamlessly shared across the operational base in order to optimise production. Cumulus is designed to handle all aspects of the business in one package – taking care of financials, logistics and human resources.

Increase business agility
Efficient business execution is always preceded by careful and efficient planning. The planning needs to be informed by facts and figures precise to the dot. Cumulus gives its users capability to access information in real-time, anytime and anywhere at the click of a button.

Enjoy Flexibility
All that is needed to run Cumulus from any location is an internet connection. Users who are on the move or away from the office do not have to depend on periodic reports and scheduled updates on the business; as long as they are online, the information is accessible in seconds!

Reduced IT costsBecause Cumulus runs on cloud there is no huge capital investment into IT infrastructure as with traditional implementations. After signing onto Cumulus, users simply plug and run without ever worrying about spending tens of thousands on equipment.

Minimise ongoing IT overheads
TTCS maintains Cumulus users’ hardware and software support issues so there is no need to hire technicians who will tend to these 24/7. We will take care of everything for you.

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